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Victor Jones is a rising Christian Music Artist. Who recently moved to Frederick Maryland.  Music has always been a part of his life.  It started when his father brought him a guitar at 7 years old.  Victor went from the guitar, to drums, and to piano.  He progressed to become a musician, worship pastor, minister of music, worship leader, producer, artist, and a song writer today.  He has written and produced three cd’s.  The third cd; I Just Bow is his first publicized cd.   It has a lot of heart felt songs; that are written about his life’s journey throughout the years.  One of his favorite songs on this album is Finished at the Cross. Victor started writing songs about his experiences in life.  Throughout his life’s journey; he learned about God’s grace.  He has written various songs that reflect his life experiences.  He will be releasing a new single; Jesus makes me High on June 29.  This is another powerful song that expresses; God’s love and Grace through the tough times.  He has also had the chance to offer Gospel Artist: David Hammond and Dottie Peoples some of his written material.  He has shared the stage with some major Artist, been in a magazine, and have performed on TV 3 times. 

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  • Pastor Trish Less
    Pastor Trish Less Salem, Oregon
    Wow! Thank you Lord for this voice!!! A blessing to behold!

    Wow! Thank you Lord for this voice!!! A blessing to behold!

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