Just Around The Corner

Double single release concert is just around the corner. Yes, double single release concert! Victor Jones chose selected listeners to listen to his music.  The two songs that were favored the most were: We Love to Feel Your Presence and Jesus Makes Me High. We love to Feel Your Presence is a about loving the omnipresent attributes of God’s character while being led into a personal worship experience.  Jesus Makes Me High is a song about how the love of Jesus will get you through the most difficult times in your life! 


One of his listeners Muhamad Ali said,” We love to feel your presence is one of those songs that picks you up when you don’t feel your best,”; it’s upbeat tempo gets him in the groove and helps start his day.


Another listener; Brian Sullivan said, “The words of Jesus Make Me High will resonate with you and touch your heart” These are just some of the comments that were said about these two songs.


The concert is just around the corner, custom t-shirts have been ordered, great finger food, door prizes and so much more! and Victor Jones have been working hard to prepare for this event. This event will be a blessing to all who show up.



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