New Endeavors for Victor Jones       

I am writing songs for a nonprofit organization called Songs Of Love Foundation( ( This organization provides uplifting personalized songs free of charge to children and teens who are currently facing challenging; medical, physical and emotional battles. I had an opportunity to personalize a song for a child facing a difficult time.  I got an email with a list of things that the child favored a lot.  I had to personalize a song for the child.  This was a little challenging at first, being that it was my first time doing a song like this, however; the song turned out great. Some of my family members got a chance to hear my creation before I sent the song off; to Songs of Love.  The song was so uplifting and encouraging.  My niece who is three years old and my mother who has Dementia really love the song along with other family members. I emailed the song and I was told that the song was amazing!!!! I was glad to hear that, this was a great experience, and the best thing about it was; being able to encourage someone while they are facing a difficult time in their life.

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